South Sydney Graphic Arts Club

Minutes of the 61st Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the 61st Annual General Meeting

held at 182 Coward Street Mascot

Sunday 5th July 2020 at 12 noon

The Chairperson, Deborah Atkins opened the meeting by welcoming the thirty-four attendees, as per the attendees’ registration book.

Before the commencement of official business, the Chairperson took the opportunity of convening a minute’s silence to pay respects to those members who had passed in the last year.

The meeting was then formally declared open with the welcome extended to official guests, Dominic Strati, the club’s auditor, and Paul Vallis, President of Matraville RSL, the club’s returning officer.

It was noted that director, Justin Wenban would be attending the meeting via Skype due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel.

On confirming a quorum for the meeting, the Chairperson advised that, as no notice of motions had been lodged with the Secretary prior to the cut off period of 14 days, only agenda items specified in the notice would be dealt with at the meeting. Any other questions were invited after the meeting’s close.



 Motion that apologies received from Jenny Brown, Basil King, Chris Knapton and Merryn Knapton be accepted.

Moved                   Judith Jones

Seconded             Evelyn King




The President gave a brief overview of the events of 2019 and the Board’s future aspirations for the club.

Throughout 2019 the Club traded well against increasing competition and rising costs with a profit before depreciation of $517,147 and after depreciation of $95,422. Over $206,552 in member benefits was provided as well as sponsorship, funding and support well above legislated requirements to Mascot Junior Rugby League Football Club, Mascot Netball Club, Bayside Family Support, The Deli,  Mascot Senior Citizens and local schools.

With the impact of COVID-19 and the club’s shutdown, senior management had taken a 50% reduction in salaries. Their efforts were thanked along with staff who were supportive of staffing and salary arrangements, training and compliance with new health regulations during the shutdown.

Reflecting the club’s union background, the Board took a significant reduction in their honorarium and ensured an increase in wages for the club’s staff ahead of the proposed Fair Work Commissions 2021 wage increase. An extra 12 months of membership was also provided to all current members as of 23 March 2020.

2020 marks 20 years since the amalgamation of the South Sydney Businessmen’s Club and the Printer’s Union (Graphic Arts) Club. All members will enjoy 10% off food and drink as well as recognising years of loyalty with discounts on special events. There will also be a price freeze on all house beer throughout 2020.

In closing, the President took the opportunity of thanking every member, fellow directors, management and staff for their support and efforts throughout the year.



Motion that the minutes of the 60th Annual General Meeting be received and adopted.

Moved                   Russell Atkins

Seconded             Brian Barker




The Chairperson introduced the club’s auditor, Dominic Strati and asked him to provide a review of the accounts.

Mr Strati noted that all accounts were in order and that the club fully complied with all relevant regulations.

After giving an overview of the club’s accounts, the meeting was open to queries from the floor. There were no queries.

Motion that the Income and Expenditure Accounts, the Balance Sheet, Report of Directors and the Report to the Auditors, be received, considered and adopted.

Moved                   Tom Vose

Seconded             Pam Vose




Motion that the Auditors Dominic Strati & Associates be reappointed for ensuing year and that remuneration payable to the auditors be fixed.

Moved                   John Smith

Seconded             Dave Duffy




In accordance with the requirement of the biennial election rule outlined at Rule 24.1(b) of the Club’s Constitution, seven (7) directors will be elected in 2020. It was noted that after nineteen years of service, Graeme Robinson would not be standing for election.

The Chairperson introduced the club’s Returning Officer, Mr Paul Vallis to receive the results of the ballot for positions of directors and declare the successful nominees elected.

Mr Vallis declared all positions vacant and confirmed that the club had offered and advertised a pre-nomination course for Directors and closing date for nominations for positions on the Board. At the close of nominations, seven nominations had been received with no positions contested. It was confirmed that all nominees had satisfied all required criteria including appropriate training and qualifications as per the club’s constitution.

Mr Vallis confirmed that each nomination was prepared to stand before announcing them duly elected.

The Club’s Board members for 2020/21 are Deborah Atkins, Mark Blizzard, Michael Comninos, Michael King, Ross Marshall, Victoria Talbot and Justin Wenban.

Motion to receive the results of the ballot for positions of Directors and declare the successful nominees elected.

Moved                   Brian Barker

Seconded             Dave Duffy




Motion to approve and fix Directors' honorariums and expenses for the forthcoming year as pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act;

 a)Directors Honorariums

      President                                      $ 14,400.00

      Vice President (1)                            $ 5,280.00

      Directors (5)                                   $ 3,440.00

b)Reasonable meals and beverages at Board meetings or at sub-committee meetings for Directors and sub-committee members.

c)Reasonable expenses in relation to accommodation, meals and beverages allowances, seminar and conference fees, travelling costs for directors attending annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings, seminars, official meetings held or approved by the registered club’s association or any affiliated body. Reasonable expenses for partners attending any or all of the above where approved by the Board will also apply.

d)Reasonable expenses for Directors and their partners at the Directors’ Annual Dinner.

e)The reasonable cost of Directors attending other clubs for the purpose of observing their facilities and methods of operation.

f)Attendance at functions, with partners where appropriate and required, to represent the club.

 The members acknowledge that the benefits in paragraphs A,B,C,D,E and F are not available to members generally but only available to those who are Directors of the club.

 Moved                   Brian Barker

Seconded             Dave Duffy




 It was acknowledged that both Ross Marshall and Graeme Robinson have shown conspicuous and meritorious service to the Club as members and as Board members of the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club. They both were nominated to positions on the Board by the NSW Print Division of the AMWU shortly after the amalgamation between the Businessmen’s Club and the Printers Union Graphic Arts Club and they have both ensured that the club remains loyal to the principles of a trade union.

That pursuant to Rule 10.11, the Members hereby confer life Membership of the Club on Graeme Robinson and Ross Marshall.

Moved                   Jeffrey Pearling

Seconded             Carol Koble


The meeting closed at 12:22pm.

Following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting, a separate meeting of the newly re-elected Board of Directors was called in order to determine incumbents for the position of Club President and Club Vice-President as per the club’s constitution.

All Board members were present at this meeting. Returning Officer, Mr Paul Vallis oversaw proceedings.

Deborah Atkins was duly elected to the role of President unopposed, and Ross Marshall to the role of Vice-President unopposed.

Motion that Deborah Atkins be appointed to the role of President, and Ross Marshall be appointed to the role of Vice-President of the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club Mascot.

Moved and carried.