Buck Buster Bomb

Promotion Mechanism

Members who spend $5.00 or more on F&B between 5.00pm - 7.00pm will be in the automatically entered in the draw.
Entry to promotion via club membership card swiped at POS terminals.
The draw to select the winning member will be on the POS (Food till) at 7.45pm.
Duration of the promotion will be 30 seconds and a countdown clock will be displayed for all members to see.
Irish will video the draw on her mobile phone camera and record answers for final verification etc.
A random letter of the alphabet will be then selected, for example - 'P'.

Prize Schedule

The member will be asked 10 questions and will win $20.00 for every correct answer given starting with the selected letter, for example - 'P'.
If the member answers all 10 questions correctly, within the 30 seconds, they win the major prize of $500.00.
All prize money will be paid to the winner in cash immediately following the draw.

Example - Letter 'P'

A girl's name - Penelope.
Something soft - Pillow.
A type of music - Piano.
Something you wear - Pants.
Type of Italian food - Pasta.
A colour - Pink.
An animal - Panda.
A car brand - Peugeot.
Type of nut - Pecan.
An occupation - Plumber.