South Sydney Graphic Arts Club

COVID-19 Safety Plan


The club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is designed to help create and maintain a safe environment for our members, guests and staff.

It details the actions we have put in place to keep our community well.

The plan will be regularly revisited and amended to reflect new standards, insights and best practice measures that may arise in response to increases in community risk.

Your understanding and compliance will help us to look after you and keep our doors open so you can enjoy all that your club has to offer.



This COVID-19 Safety Plan is designed to help create and maintain a safe environment for the club’s staff and customers.

It satisfies the legislative requirement for reopening, pursuant to clause 5(3) of the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 3) 2020 (the Public Health Order).

The plan encompasses recommendations of the COVID-19 safety checklist approved by the Chief Health Officer, the Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidance for the hospitality industry  and existing legislative obligations, particularly the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) and Food Act 2003 (NSW).

The plan will be regularly revisited and amended to reflect new standards, insights and best practice measures that may arise in response to increases in community risk. Our current measures may need be varied at short notice to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the club premises.



Business name:  South Sydney Graphic Arts Club Mascot

Plan completed by: Ian McMillan, CEO & James Mackenzie, Operations Manager

Approved by: Deborah Atkins, President


COVIDSAFE REQUIREMENTS & ACTIONS                            Date: 3/06/20

Following are the requirements for our workplace and the actions in place to keep our customers and staff safe.


Community risk

Identify and respond to heightened COVID-19 risks.

Senior management to monitor the NSW Health website daily to check if the club’s local government area (LGA), or a neighbouring LGA, is identified as an area for increased testing and surveillance.

If the community risk increases, stricter CovidSAFE standards will be enacted e.g. increasing regularity of cleaning, further restricting of patron capacity, communicating with members to reinforce the importance of social distancing and personal hygiene requirements.


Wellbeing of staff and customers

Provide staff with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning.

Prior to reopening, all staff undertook comprehensive CovidSAFE training on 28/05/20 inclusive of the Clubs NSW and NSW Health standards/checklists along with the Covid-19 Safety Course provided by the ATO. This was recorded in the training register.

Exclude staff who are unwell from the club.

All staff have been informed they must contact the club immediately if they feel unwell.
Staff reporting as unwell are required to undergo Covid-19 testing.
Staff will only be allowed to return to the club if they return a negative test result.
If a staff member returns a positive test result, NSW Health will be immediately informed that a person with Covid-19 could have been on the club premises while infected.
Staff are made aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate.
All staff will undertake a temperature check and be questioned about possible symptoms upon entry to the club.

Exclude customers who are unwell from the club.

All customers will undertake a temperature check and be questioned about possible symptoms upon entry to the club.
Customers identified as being at-risk (for e.g. if they look unwell or report being unwell) will be asked to leave and encouraged to get tested.

Display conditions of entry.

Conditions of entry including identification of symptoms, physical distancing and hygiene requirements will be displayed on the club’s website, social media, monitors, tills and at the venue entry.
Customers who repeatedly fail to observe basic physical distancing or personal hygiene measures whilst in the club will be asked to leave.


Physical distancing

Capacity must not exceed 50 customers or one customer per 4 square metres in an existing seated food or drink area, whichever is the lesser.

Based on current requirements as of 1 June 2020, the club has determined the floorspace of the venue on the floorplan and set capacity in accordance with the Public Health Order. This limits the maximum numbers of customers in each area as follows:


Restaurant                         39

Garden Terrace                 22

Gaming Room                   32

Outside Gaming                  6

Lounge                                43

TAB                                      18

Boardroom                         21


The number of customers in each area is controlled at the club entry and through ongoing monitoring by floor staff and management.

Move or remove tables and seating to support 1.5 metres of physical distance.

Bar and dining tables have been separated so groups seated around one table are at least 1.5 metres from groups seated around another table.
Tables have been removed from the Restaurant to enable a chequerboard set-up.

Furnishing has been suitably spaced in the Lounge and stand-up benches have been removed.

Seating has been removed from every second gaming machine.

No more than 10 customers at a table (except for gatherings after a wedding, funeral or memorial service).

No bookings will be taken for more than 10 customers at a table for any occasion.

Reduce crowding and promote physical distancing with markers on the floor.

Any transit areas or areas where there is likely to be a queue in the club are marked with floor stickers to ensure physical distancing including the entry, sign-in, bar, and entrance to the restaurant.

Alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers.

All customers must be seated within the club except when in transit.
All food and beverage may only be consumed when seated in a designated area.
Patron flow when ordering at the bar will be managed through floor markers which denote required physical separation.

Reduce contact between customer groups.

Signs encouraging physical distancing are prominently displayed throughout the venue. Customers will remain seated in suitably spaced furniture in designated areas.

Customers from different areas will not be permitted to co-mingle.
Customers in transit areas or where there is likely to be a queue will be separated by floor markers.

Patron flow into and out of the club will be monitored by entry personnel.
Customers will not be allowed to exit the club in large volumes.

Customers will be asked to disperse upon exiting the club and cannot gather outside the venue or in the carpark.

Weddings are permitted to book for a maximum of 20 guests (excluding the couple, the persons involved in conducting the service and the photographer and the videographer). Funerals and memorial services are permitted to book for a maximum of 50 mourners (excluding the persons involved in conducting the service).

Guest numbers will be limited to the maximum number permitted in the specific area of the club.
Function menus have been redesigned to only provide individual food service and all customers must be seated and suitably spaced.

Ensure 1.5 metres between gaming machines that are turned on.

Seating will be removed from every second gaming machine and signage on each will denote required physical spacing.

Only a limited number of TAB monitors and self-service machines will be available.

Where reasonably practical, stagger start times and breaks for staff members.

Staff will not have breaks or eat meals with other staff or members.
Staff are also prohibited from any physical contact with another staff member such as kissing or hugging hello.

Review regular deliveries and request contactless delivery / invoicing where practical.

Use of local suppliers limits the number of delivery personnel.
Suppliers follow equivalent hygiene and safety codes.
All delivery personnel and contractors entering club premises have their contact details recorded and kept for 28 days.
Hand sanitiser is made available to all delivery personnel and receiving staff for use before and after delivery.

Take measures to ensure drivers of courtesy vehicles minimise close contact with passengers.

The club’s Uber service follows official guidelines with no more than two passengers allowed who must sit in the back of the vehicle.

Avoid group singing and wind instruments (such as flute, oboe or clarinet). Solo singers should maintain at least 3 metres physical distance from other people.

The club will not offer live music.


Hygiene and cleaning

Adopt good hand hygiene practices.

All staff are instructed to correctly clean their hands every 30 minutes, and immediately before commencing work.

All staff are provided with hand sanitiser in multiple areas of the club.
All staff are instructed to regularly sanitise their hands after clearing of tables, picking up glasses and handling payments.
Hand sanitiser is available throughout the club for customers and is placed on every table.

Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels.

Bathrooms are regularly checked for adequate supplies of hand soap, sanitiser and disposable paper towels.
Hygiene posters are prominently displayed in the bathrooms.

Reduce the number of surfaces touched by customers.

Introduction of the Mr Yum system will enable table-ordering, delivery and payment through a customer’s mobile phone.

Customers have been advised by email to bring their own pens to the club to fill in Keno/TAB cards.

No self-serve buffet style food service areas, communal bar snacks, or communal condiments allowed.

The club does not offer any communal style food service.

Condiments have been removed from all dining tables.

Function menus will be redesigned to offer individual food service only.

Clean cutlery and tableware with detergent, or with a commercial grade dishwasher if available.

All cutlery is thoroughly cleaned with detergent and only washed and handled by staff wearing gloves.
Cutlery is not set on tables but individually wrapped and delivered to individual customers as necessary.

Menus must be laminated (clean between use), displayed or be single use.

Menus will be printed on paper and will be disposed of after use.
Menus are displayed on the club’s website and online pre-ordering is available.
Introduction of the Mr Yum system will enable table-ordering through a customer’s mobile phone.

Clean frequently used areas at least daily with detergent or disinfectant. Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day.

Bathrooms are cleaned hourly using a detergent and water solution or disinfectant including door handles, door locks, toilet seat and buttons, taps, washbasins and counters.
All furniture is wiped down with disinfectant as soon as it is vacated by a customer.
Staff cleaning stations are adjacent to each area to enable prompt and regular cleaning.
All tables have hand sanitiser available for customer use.
Frequently touched surfaces including door handles, hand railings, counters, taps, pens, straw dispensers, as well as surfaces and buttons on EGMs, EBTs, Keno terminals and ATMs are also cleaned hourly using a detergent and water solution or disinfectant.

Maintain disinfectant solutions at an appropriate strength and use in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Relevant staff are qualified in the safe handling of chemicals.

Staff are to wear gloves when cleaning and wash hands thoroughly before and after with soap and water.

A full supply of disposable gloves in made available to all staff.
Gloves are mandatory when carrying out any cleaning activities.

Encourage contactless payment options.

‘Tap & Go’ payments are encouraged for all customers to minimise cash-handling.

Introduction of the Mr Yum system will enable payment through a customer’s mobile phone.



Keep name and mobile number or email address for all staff, customers and contractors for a period of at least 28 days. Records are only to be used for tracing COVID-19 infections and must be stored confidentially and securely.

By ensuring that a list of customer details is recorded, contact tracing can quickly and accurately occur if there is a case of COVID-19 in the club.

All members are required to sign-in electronically with their badge number when entering the club and their contact details are then available through our Circle Solutions system.
Non-members have their contact details recorded with a receipt provided both to them and the club. These records are kept for a period of 28 days in a secure file.

Make your staff aware of the COVIDSafe app and its benefits to support contact tracing if required.

All staff are encouraged to utilise the COVIDSafe app despite resistance to contract tracing by younger team members.


The club has also consulted with its Local Area Command and requested that preliminary checks of the club be carried out to check for compliance.
Constable Mack of Mascot Police inspected the club prior to opening.