South Sydney Graphic Arts Club

Becoming a Director

The South Sydney Graphic Arts Club Mascot will be calling for pre-nominations for any individual interested in standing for election to the Board of Directors in 2022.

The role of a Director is complex and combines important aspects of good corporate governance with providing strategic leadership and acting as an ambassador for the club. As the Board of Directors has significant influence on the management and financial performance of the club, a strong grasp of financial concepts is also necessary to carry out the role effectively.

For this reason, the clubs constitution requires that all individuals wishing to pre-nominate should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of training in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gaming (RCG)
  • Successful completion of the Clubs NSW Pre-nomination course module

If the successful nominee is elected to the board, the completion of two additional Clubs NSW training modules ~ Finance for Club Boards and Directors Foundation and Management course is mandatory. These modules were developed by Clubs NSW, in consultation with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR), in direct response to the recommendations of the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) 2008 report. It is now law in NSW that all Club Directors are accredited to ensure that they are able to fulfil the responsibilities of the role.

Please note that these flexible learning modules and assessments are to be completed online at the club which will require a basic level of computer competency. Depending on the current level of knowledge, each module can take anywhere from 3 hours to 11 hours to complete.

The Pre-Nomination course training module will commence on a date to be advised in January 2022 at the club. As a guideline, it will involve the following key components: History of Clubs in NSW: Includes topics on the principle of mutuality, benefits of clubs and a review of IPART. Roles of a Director: Includes topics on who can be a director, insolvency, honesty and good faith, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, elections and voting, decision making and community development and support expenditure (CDSE). The Law Include topics on the Liquor Act, Gaming Machines Act, Corporations Act, Registered Clubs Act, OH&S, constitutions, contracts, disposal of club property and amalgamations. Compliance Include topics on financial reporting and the Anti-Money Laundering Counter Terrorism Financing Act.

If you would like to contribute to the club as a director, please contact the CEO and the club will arrange a one-on-one consultation with a current Board member to outline the process to you in full and to assist you in assessing your suitability for the role prior to the completion of the Pre-nomination course.

Ian McMillan