South Sydney Graphic Arts Club

Club Policies

In the best interests of its members, guests and the community promotes The Responsible Service of Alcohol

We have adopted the following strategies for the Responsible Service of Alcohol -

1. HOUSE POLICY providing the framework for the responsible serving of alcohol

2. TRAINING OF STAFF so that they can implement and promote the house policy.

3. EDUCATION OF PATRONS so that they understand the implications of and abide by the Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy.

4. Support of SAFE TRANSPORT options.


6. AVOIDING promotions, which may lead to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

The club will effect these strategies by;

  • Monitor patrons behaviour and not allow the disturbance of other patrons in the club by loud talking across the room and offensive language.
  • Discontinuing service to persons showing signs of intoxication. Any member or guest who purchases alcohol for another person who has been refused service of alcoholic beverage will along with the person refused service have their membership suspended immediately and will be asked to appear before the Board at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Implementation, monitoring, and modification on an on-going basis of the club's house policy.
  • Preventing underage drinking by insisting on valid ID on entry and upon request.
  • Preventing intoxication by recognising the signs of intoxication and avoiding serving anyone to the point of intoxication. We will deny entry or service to anyone who is already intoxicated.
  • Managing intoxicated, anti-social, or disruptive patrons by attempting to discourage them from becoming involved in activities which can harm themselves or others.
  • Providing and supporting safe transportation options.
  • We will promote the service of non-alcoholic beverages and food.

The rule of the thumb is "If in doubt, no entry is allowed and no sale of alcohol will be provided to a person who shows signs of intoxication".

The club undertakes that all employees will hold a RSA certificate on commencement of employment.

The South Sydney Graphic Arts Club

In the best interests of its members, guests and the community promotes RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF GAMING HOUSE POLICY

The Board and Management recognise gambling as a form of legitimate entertainment and part of the Australian culture. To most members, gambling is something undertaken in moderation, within a controlled and safe environment. However, for a small minority excessive gambling can become a problem that effects all facets of people's lives.

The objective of the RSG policy document is to ensure that the club adopts industry best practice guidelines to minimise the potential risk of problem gambling and its ill effects on members, their families and the community.

The club's policy covers the following points:

  • Slogan
  • Cheque Cashing Procedure
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Self Exclusion and Counselling
  • Minors
  • Training

The club has adopted the following slogan/catch phrase for its promotion as a RSG venue, Bet with your head not over it! All internal and external advertising will include this slogan to readily identify the club as a RSG venue.

Since the year 2000 we do not cash any cheques.

The club will include its RSG slogan in all internal and external advertising.
The club will not be advertising in such a way as to mislead, trick or deceive members into believing they cannot loose. The club will however ensure that it's advertising and promotional literature is available to the majority of members who are not effected by problem gaming. The club will provide appropriate warning signs within the gaming and other suitable areas within the club.

The club ensures that any promotion undertaken by the club will be approved by the Department of Gaming and Racing in line with the guidelines set out by the Office of Charities and Lotteries.
The club intends to continue offering added value and entertainment to its members through promotions and rewards programs. The majority of members will not be penalised with the implementation of the club RSG policy. The club will ensure that conditions of any such promotion are clearly available to members.

The club has and will continue to enforce the exclusion of any member who has alerted the club to a potential gambling problem. Where the member deems that the problem is minimal, members will be excluded from the particular threat. Where the member has advised of a high risk, the member will be forced to hand in their membership.
For both scenarios the members will be interviewed by the Secretary Manager and advised of the club's policy as well as being provided with counselling literature and contacts. The club has literature available from G-Line, the state wide counselling service as well as Beat the Odds the local counselling service providers. If required, the club will arrange for and cover the costs to an approved value of the counselling provided to its members. The club reserves the right to evict any member from the premises who refuses to comply with their own self expulsion request.

The club limits access to areas of the club designated as gambling areas. Children are not permitted onto these areas under any circumstances in line with the conditions on the club's licence.
The club has stringent entry conditions such that any member/visitor who looks 25 or under is required to show approved identification before being allowed into the club. Approved identification is limited to a current drivers licence, current passport or a RTA identification card. The club reserves the rights to deny any person access to the premises if it believes that person is not 18 years of age regardless of whether they have identification.

Download a copy of the SSGAC club policy