Spend your Sunday night chasing the Snowball as it jackpots down the hill!

Just swipe your membership card when you spend $5 or more on any food and beverage between 3:00-7:00pm on Sunday and you’ll be automatically entered in the draw for your chance to win a cash jackpot beginning at $500 and increasing by $100 each week.

If your name is drawn at 6:00pm, 6.30pm, 7:00pm or 7.30pm, you will be asked to pick a number between 1-100. Then it’s all eyes on the random number generator at 7:45pm and if your locked-in number matches the generator, you will walk away with the current Snowball Cash Jackpot!

If the number isn’t matched, then a consolation prize of $50 cash will be paid to the entrant whose number was closest with the remaining three each receiving 2000 Bonus Points (valued at $20.00) on their membership card to spend on food & beverage.

And what’s more, all successful entrants will also receive a voucher for use that evening giving 50% off in the restaurant for 2 people!